High quality professional lead that will last for years. It is made with genuine Neutrik NP3X straight jack connectors and Van Damme tour grade OFC silver plated cable, for better sound quality. Neutrik and Van Damme are some of the best names in the industry when it comes to audio and have the specifications to match so you will get great sound, robustness and reliability from them.

Choose your Van Damme balanced cable length and cable Colour. Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White. If you want a length that isn't shown or want it a specific length please let us know and we will make it.

We make this lead

We have over 30 years experience in the industry. We make the lead with great care and attention in our workshop.

This lead is also known as 'TRS lead' or 'Stereo 1/4" Jack lead' or '3 pole 1/4" Jack lead' all the terms are the same.

Connections are made between the connectors on:

Tip Jack (Hot) - Tip Jack (Hot)
Ring Jack (Cold) - Ring Jack (Cold)
Sleeve Jack (Screen) - Sleeve Jack (Screen)


Leads 1m or less (patch leads) will be measured visible cable from the rear black boot of the connector. We add 110mm of cable FREE to compensate for the connectors. Leads over 1m will be measured cut length of cable. The connectors use up 100mm of cable. If you need any specific length or need a little extra please ask - it can be made to that length as these are made to measure when we receive the order.

This lead is a balanced configuration made only for balanced audio equipment. Both the input and the output equipment must be balanced.

If you have a piece of audio equipment that is is unbalanced then you need an unbalanced lead. Unbalanced leads are guitar / patch leads which we also sell. If you have one piece of audio equipment that is balanced and one unbalanced regardless if it is input or output then you will use a unbalanced lead.

Please ensure that both your input and output is balanced before buying this lead. Please consult your user manual for both of your input and output audio equipment if you are unsure.

Typical applications for this lead:

Mixer to amplifier inputs
Patching mixers to outboard equipment
Mixer to USB sound device
Link lead between power amplifiers
Patching in racks between FX units, EQ media output devices.
Can be used for any mic/line level use
Mixer output to active speaker input (note an active speaker is a speaker with an amplifier built into it)

Please note that all inputs and output must be balanced

Van Damme Cable Specification:

A cable that is trustworthy reliable hard wearing. 'Van Damme Tour Grade Classic XKE Microphone' cable for line and mic use combines flexibility, durability, noiseless operation and excellent handling characteristics. Van Damme cables can be found in many film and recording studios, professional touring applications, professional DJ setups, education sectors, hire companies. It really is a great cable. There aren't many cable companies that do have their own website but Van Damme is one of the exceptions. Their website has many a famous artist on there and many stories where Van Damme cable has been used in touring and hire applications. Please see http://www.van-damme.com click on tour.

Mechanical specification cable

Conductor Material Bare silver plated ultra pure oxygen free copper wire
Stranding 7 x 0.10mm
Material Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper wire
Stranding 21 x 0.10mm
Insulation Material XLPE Cross linked polyethylene
Diameter 1.60mm ±0.10
Colour coding Red, Blue
Cabling Type Twisted pair with cotton yarn fillers & paper wrap
Lay length 25mm
Screen Type 80 x 0.10mm close lap spiral bare oxygen free copper wire
Jacket Material Flexible PVC/Neoprene composite
Average thickness 1.40mm
Overall diameter 6.35mm ±0.15
Physical properties unaged
Jacket (at 60ºC) Tensile strength >8N/mm2
Elongation >250%
Heat shock test 120 ºC x 1 hour - no cracks
Test voltage 1000 Vdc x 1 minute OK
Electrical characteristics
Resistance Conductor Ohm/Km <85
Screen Ohm/Km <85
Insulation M Ohm/Km >5000
Capacitance Core to core pF/m 56 nominal

Neutrik Connectors:

Neutrik make some of the best connectors that are available the world over. There are many copies of the Neutrik connectors available on the internet, don't be fooled by the cheaper makes they may break down and cause problems, why risk it? These are genuine Neutrik connectors.

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Van Damme Cable Neutrik Balanced TRS 1/4" Jack Plug Lead

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