Klotz speaker lead 2 core 2.5mm² with Neutrik 6.35mm 1/4" Jack Plugs. Designed especially to go between the output of the amplifier guitar head and passive speaker cabinet. The 2 core cable is 2.5mm² CSA high grade ETP 99.97% pure copper delivers the power and all the essential frequencies produced by your amplifier and delivers it to your speaker cab without loss. Choose from Straight to Straight, Straight to Right Angle Jack or Right Angle To Right Angle.

The Neutrik Jack connectors used on this lead are one of the most robust you will find. The tip of the jack is CNC machined on one piece, the cable can then directly soldered to it. Less parts the better is the simple rule. Cheaper jack plugs have the tip riveted on which means they can become loose or even break off in the jack socket, they also have 3 parts to them the tip the shaft and then the solder tag where the wire gets soldered on, if all this becomes loose then power will be lost and heat will be produced. With Neutrik Jack plugs  and Klotz cable on this lead you are really getting the best performance for your money.

Neutrik Jacks

Neutrik are very well respected not just in this country but all over the world, they have become the industry standard for hire companies where a life on the road means they need to be reliable. All Neutrik connectors are made to an IEC standards, cheaper jack plugs do not follow these standards can cause problems.

Klotz Cable

Klotz cable  is a very well respected cable, it is very flexible for speaker cable due to the twisted 2 core construction and stranded copper strands. 99.97% pure ETP copper ensure excellent sound and frequency response. 

Specifications KLOTZ Cable

2.5mm² (14AWG) made up of 50 x 0.25mm stands of OFC copper per core

Flexible - easy to coil

8mm diameter

Outer jacket soft black PVC - can withstand harsh life touring

Twisted pair easier for winding up

Working temperature -20 to +70 degrees celsius

Test Voltage 50Hz 1min 2000V

Max operating voltage 300V

7 ohms per KM

Cable Length Important - This is cut length of cable and the connector is added to it, this means around 10cm of the cable will be inside the connectors.

Leads made up by us

We have over 25 years experience in the industry. We make the lead up with great care and attention in our workshop and it is fully tested and inspected before leaving us.

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Klotz Amp to Cab 1/4 Jack to Jack Speaker Lead 2.5mm 2 Core Straight Right Angle

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