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4mm² 2 Core Cable

MUCH MUCH Less Power Loss - over thinner cables

Extra High Power Transfer Between Amplifier and Speaker

High quality Speakon to Speakon lead. For even higher power heavy duty application and less power waste across the cable. Made with genuine Neutrik SpeakonsNL4FX and KLOTZ Twinaxial professional 2 core 4mm² (11AWG) speaker cable. KLOTZ cable is made in Germany and have been delivering quality cables for decades, trusted and tried by many hire companies in Europe and the UK. We carefully selected this speaker cable as it gives great robustness, flexibility and has a quality feel that you only get from high end cables. The cable has a twisted pair of conductors within the outer jacket which really helps when coiling the cable up time and time again after gigs and touring and helps to stop kinking. The conductors are pure copper consisting of 224 x 0.15mm stands of OFC copper Per Core

Connections are made on +1 -1 on each of the NL4FX Speakons on this lead this suits 99% of applications *If you want this on any other pole let us know we can change it.
We had to use NL4FX due to cable thinkness - 11mm diameter !


This lead is designed to go between any passive speaker cabinet and a power amplifier. Connections are made on +1 -1 connections within the NL4FX Neutrik Speakon connector.

All the components on this lead are genuine. Neutrik have improved and patented the design of the Speakon and have gone a long way to stop counterfeit Speakons being produced. Do not be fooled into buying inferior copied version that exist, they will break and let you down when you need them the most. Have confidence in the fact you are buying a connector that is 100% genuine and has all the Neutrik logos on the connector.

Typical applications for this lead are:

PA systems between power amplifier and passive speaker
Powered mixer to passive speaker
From an active speaker's Speakon output to passive extension speaker
Bass or Lead guitar amplifier head to speaker cab
Linking speaker cabs together

Note a passive speaker is a speaker cabinet without a built in amplifier and is driven solely by a power amplifier.

CABLE LENGTH - Know what you are getting and paying for.

This visible length from the rear of the connector. After searching the internet we have noted that many sellers of leads do not specify length precisely, this may not make a lot of difference when the lead is quite long but when the lead is very short it really does make a difference. The connectors use up approimately 80mm of cable inside of them. Some sellers do not specify the thickness of the cable either!

Neutrik make high quality connectors and have been doing this for decades. Where quality and reliability are needed they are trusted time and time again the biggest names in the professional audio industry.

Specification Neutrik NL4FX Speakon

  • Current rating 40 A rms continuous
  • Up to 50 A audio signal, duty cycle 50%
  • Only 3 parts, easy to assemble
  • High impact materials - long-lasting and reliable
  • Easy and extremely precise locking system "Quick Lock"
  • Improved grip on latch
  • 1 piece strain relief, chuck for 7 to 14.5 mm cable O.D
  • Improved screw-type termination for highest pull-out force
  • Integrated design guarantees "Made by Neutrik®"

Mates with 4-pole chassis connector as well and makes contact with +1/-1

Genuine KLOTZ Cable LY240 Black

Made in Germany and has been around for decades. Tried and tested by hire companies, mobile touring bands, DJ's, and professionals around the world. The cable is one of best cables around and matches other branded cables. Designed specifically for connecting loudspeakers to power amplifiers.

Specifications KLOTZ Cable

4mm² (14AWG) made up of 224 x 0.15mm stands of OFC copper per core
Flexible - easy to coil
11mm diameter
Outer jacket soft black PVC - can withstand harsh life touring
Twisted pair easier for winding up
Working temperature -20 to +70 degrees celsius
Test Voltage 50Hz 1min 2000V
Max operating voltage 300V
4.5 ohms per KM

Made up by us

We bring Neutrik connectors and KLOTZ cable together in our workshop. We have many years of hands on experience making audio leads and have been successfully entrusted to do this by many customers over the years.

We sell many different leads please take a look in our eshop

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KLOTZ 4mm² Speakon Speaker Lead 2 Core Extra High Power NL4FX LY240

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