Ultimate Klotz AC110 Neutrik Rean RCA Lo Cap HiFi Leads Cable Pair

Having a set of good interconnect leads will allow your HiFi separates to give the best sound they can achieve. You will hear more detail and better control in the bass, and highs which are given a subtle dose of brilliance with overall dynamics which sound natural. Moreover, music will sound involving, precise, balanced and remarkably transparent.

When buying interconnect leads its always important to look for low capacitance and purity of the copper within the leads. A cheaper lead will have high capacitance and poor quality copper resulting in poor sound and really won't let your HiFi give the best it can achieve. Usually cheap leads are one length and look messy tailing down the back of your HiFi units, picking up magnetic fields and RF along the way.

It is also important to have the right length of lead, shorter the better as a rule, this will cut down on capacitance and allow the audio signal to flow at its best between the HiFi units. This is why we make the leads to order so you get the best sound. We have created a pair of very good leads at a reasonable price. Klotz AC110 cable is a well known cable and known for excellent sound quality. 

Hand made to order

Order at the length you need for your audio requirements. 

Ultra low capacitance just 65pF per metre 

Dual Shielded Spiral Copper and thermal conductive to give excellent noise rejection.

For reference cable length is from the rear of the connector and is the visible length you will receive.

This listing for a left and right leads 2 in total with ID markers white for left and red for right.


Cable Type: Klotz AC110

Cable Diameter:  6.9mm

Cable Capacitance:  65pf/m

Jacket Type: PVC Matt

Shielding: 1 ETP Copper Spiral 2 Conductive Plastic Layer

Stranding: Conductor ETP Copper 7 x 0.20mm Shield 1 96 Strands 0.20mm

Connectors NYS352BG Gold Plated RCA Male Made by Rean a Neutrik Company

Ultimate Pro Audio Ltd

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Klotz LO Cap AC110 RCA Phono Leads Handmade Cut to Length Pair

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